Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yellow fin Tunny caught off Shelly Beach

Deap sea fishing charters based from the Sony Evans small craft harbour, the home of Shelly Beach Ski Boat club, in Shelly Beach South Africa can yield some good results.this Yellow din tunny was caught on Wednesday 7 October 2015.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

My eerste Blog Pos ....

Visvang is hectic soms maar dan is daar die daae wat dit net hemels is geen diep see toer is die selfdenie
daar  is somtiets die dae waar die wint jou verdryf van die water af of diesterksee stroome of die blesitse
HAAIE of die een wat die haai gevat het

En dan is daar die dae waar alles net reg loop die vise vreet en die hatches vollwort

Maar onthou net een ding geen visvang toer is die selfde nie
So geniet you self en wees vylig

Julle sal meer van my lees or die volgended paar dae.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I am going fiahing at Shelly Beach, KZN South Africa

clourful wrasse caught in shelly Beach area KZN  south Coast South Africa I have been invited to Go to sea tomorrow.   We will be launching at the Sonny Evans small craft harbour, the home of the  Shelly Beach Ski Boat club, and a base for the NSRI (national Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa)

The Tax man took his shareI will write more tomorrow when we get back home.....   looking forward to the deep sea fishing trip. 

We are hoping to avoid the tax collectors out there, as the sharks have been busy these last few weeks taking a rather larger than usual share of fish before they can be landed onto the boats

This blog, is in place to promote fishing, and tourism associated with the use of our beaches,  along the South Coast (Hibiscus Coast) of KZN South Africa, and we have opted to use the hashtag #4u2gofishing to promote cross platform conversations in platforms such as twitter, facebook, Google plus and Pinterest and others.  So I will be posting my own personal fishing stories here, and if you want your stories here send me an email to

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Monday, June 1, 2015

The 4u2gofishing project needs your help

We need you to sign a petition so that we can use this as a mandate when attending public meetings.

Please take a peep see at this petition then consider signing it and sharing it further

The purpose, aims and objectives of the 4u2gofishing project have changed, due to the dramatic impact within the tourism industry of the hibiscus coats that we saw when the idea of the MPA or Marine Protected Area for the Hibiscus coast was first brought to the attention of the public.

Tourism numbers, dipped and many within the hibiscus coast tourism industry are now making plans, or at least considering the idea to step out of the main stream tourism industry as associated with recreational use of the South Coast beaches.

Now that being said I was shocked when I did a little personal research by asking folks on the street in Shelly Beach, asking  what they actually knew about this PROPOSED MARINE PROTECTED AREA and what they knew about the   South African Governments OPERATION PHAKISA 

I will need to do some follow up and properly document some research around this issue, is it is more serious than I first thought.

In our view this freeing up of the oceans resources, as discussed in operation Phakisa's documentation, means that there will be some form of exploitation of the oils and gas reserves within the ocean bed, and that this will necessitate some form of drilling and associated pipelines, or shipping platforms to be put in place  for the oil and / or gas to be  transported from the riggs to the shore, then further to the refineries or storage facilities so that this resource may be exploited in a more organized manner.

There is no way that this exploitation of our ocean resources will be stopped, so the next best option is to ensure that it is done as best possible to ensure minimum negative impact on our lives, and maximum impact on our local economy.   The only way that this will happen is if the people on the ground attend the PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PROCESS MEETINGS mandated by the many laws and associated legislation that  are in place to protect both people and the environment.

Our primary tool will be the ICMA or the Integrated Coastal Management Act or 2008 and associated
legislation.  For us to succeed we require your help in many different ways, and signing our online petition with AVAAZ.ORG will be the first step.  This will show us that at least a few folks out there care, and give us the encouragement to do the other stuff....

We need you to sign a petition so that we can use this as a mandate when attending public meetings.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Colourful wrasse caught at 10 Downing street, Uvongo, South Coast KZN

Went wishing at my favourite spot , 10 downing street, Uvongo and caught this rather colorful fell, a type of wrasse earlier today (Sunday may 24)

used a no 10 hook and prawn bait.  Trace was a standard christmas tree trace with two hooks and a 2 ounce sinker..  caught this fella on the top hook, and he had me tangled in the rocks for a while, but I just held on and he pulled the sinker loose himself.

Surf was small, and there was no side wash at all. I  had a few other bites, but this was the only one that took the bait nicely.

Now on a more serious note, the issue of the proposed marine protected area  (MPA) for the south coast is still happening, but it has moved further north to the area around the Aliwal shoal, apparently some where between Umkomaas and Scotsborugh, but I will need to confirm this.

The guys from the Department of environmental affairs seem a bit too quite for my liking, and nobody is being helpful, which makes me a bit nervous, as the original issue apparently came about because an Environmentalist group in the Scotsborugh area requested this.  Once again things are not clear, and nobody is talking openly so I will need to do a bit of old fashioned investigation...

When I know more I will let you all know whats going down with the MPA for the KZN South Coast.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fishing at 10 downing street

10 downing street is a local fishing spot also referred to as LOLI  POP lane by some locals in the shelly beach / Uvongo area  along the South Coast of  KZN South Africa.

On 2 May  2015 I was fishing just to the left (North) of Lolipop lane, and the guys slightly more north caught this nice Black tip  King Fish, on crayfish tail, using a 3 O hook and a running trace.

I was jealous as you can imagine, coz we only got a fair sized bronze beam, but were using cracker shrimps and pink prawns.   I should not complain, as  my mate and I were targeting Bronze Bream any way, as we often get them at 10 downing street.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bronze bream set free on freedom day

I have been neglecting this space since the guys who asked me to set up a marketing platform for fishing on the South Coast of KZN changed their minds when they heard that the government was wanting to introduce an MPA (Marine Protected Area) along the lower South Coast, and that all fishing may be banned.

It turned out that the MPA was put on hold, while the issues were being investigated. this came about due to the immense pressure that some local groups put on the department of Environmental Affairs,   who wanted to put this MPA in place.  Finding the latest developments on this MPA is a bit difficult,  as all concerned seem to be very tight lipped at this stage, so I will be asking around over the next few days then make a new post and tell all you guys who read this blog what the latest development is.

In the mean time I went fishing on April 27,  (Freeddom Day) on the rocks just North of Uvongo, but South of Orange rocks, where  I was lucky enough to catch this bronze bream.  I used a combo of crayfish tail and mud prawns,  or as some call them cracker shrimps,  as bait, and used a running trace with both sinker and hook lines at 400 mm (40 Cm or about 14 inches) hook size was a No. 4 old style mustard hook.
This Bronze bream was 310 mm big, but I tossed him back into the water live and healthy after dislodging the hook from the side of his mouth, much to the displeasure of some onlookers who wanted this poor fish for the pot.

Back to the issue of the MPA Proposed for the lower South Coast...   After the meeting held in early January there has been no feed back, besides the minutes of the meeting,  from the conveners of the meeting or the committee elected to deal with the issue,   from a tourism and business perspective.   I will be asking around during the next few days, and hope to let you know more about the issues associated with this Proposed MPA in the near future.

I will also be doing a bit of marketing and post a few pics of the fish caught and the boating that takes place at the SONNY EVENS SMALL CRAFT HARBOR at shell beach. After all this blog was put in place to market the fishing activities along the KZN South Coast, so I might as well get on and do some tourism marketing here.

If you have a story about any issue along the South Coast of KZN that you would like to read about here send me an email at and I will make it happen.  you may also phone me directly on my cell  0725955111.  Remember this blog is all about getting fishermen to come and spend their fishing time along the KZN South Coast, so tell me what you want to read here and I will make it happen.

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