Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who is 4u2gofishing ?

Are you looking for a fishing holiday?

4u2gofishing is all about helping you to take a few days off work and come down to the South Coast of KZN South Africa for a fishing flavoured break.

spots 4u2gosfihing along the South Coast of KZN South AfricaIn this blog you will find stories about some of the spots where we would like you to experience the pleasures of fishing.  We will show you 
  • boat fishing, both seep see and estuary based experiences
  • Rock and surf fishing spots
  • estuary fishing spots
  • local golf courses where you could play golf on the days when the surf is up and boats stay at home.
  • pubs and restaurants where you may spend the nights relaxing and talking about your trip.
  • walking trails that you may experience when the surf wont let you go to sea.
  • arts and crafts outlets where you may buy a memento of your holiday at the coast.
  • beautiful sunrises with the sun coming up over the Indian ocean
  • where you will be sleeping over and relaxing after a hard days deep sea fishing.
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