Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I am going fiahing at Shelly Beach, KZN South Africa

clourful wrasse caught in shelly Beach area KZN  south Coast South Africa I have been invited to Go to sea tomorrow.   We will be launching at the Sonny Evans small craft harbour, the home of the  Shelly Beach Ski Boat club, and a base for the NSRI (national Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa)

The Tax man took his shareI will write more tomorrow when we get back home.....   looking forward to the deep sea fishing trip. 

We are hoping to avoid the tax collectors out there, as the sharks have been busy these last few weeks taking a rather larger than usual share of fish before they can be landed onto the boats

This blog, is in place to promote fishing, and tourism associated with the use of our beaches,  along the South Coast (Hibiscus Coast) of KZN South Africa, and we have opted to use the hashtag #4u2gofishing to promote cross platform conversations in platforms such as twitter, facebook, Google plus and Pinterest and others.  So I will be posting my own personal fishing stories here, and if you want your stories here send me an email to 4u2gofishing@info4u.co.za

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