Saturday, October 18, 2014

MPA proposed for KZN South Coast

Issues with the propsed MPA (Marine Protected Area) along the hibiscus Coast of KZN South Africa
 I recently heard that the South African Government is in the process of creating a new MPA (Marine Protected Area) along the entire Hibiscus Coast, and need to gather more info about this.  The ICMA (Integrated Coastal Management Act) specifies how this should be accomplished along with the mandated public participation procedure and other formalities that need to be completed during the process. Hibiscus Coast is the brand name for the lower South Coast of KZN South Africa.

We will be using the hashtag #4u2gofishing for marketing the fishing opportunities within the area as well as the issues around this new MPA  ( #MPA ) (Marine Protected area) that has been proposed, which some are already working on. the hashtag #marineprotectedarea will also be used in our efforts to get the public aware of all the issues at stake here


Just as many of the issues were side stepped during the implementation of the 4x4 ban, so many issues are currently being side stepped here, and this blog will be our preferred platform to address these issues and get the necessary public support to take up the issue at the highest level, as this is bad news for business along the Hibiscus Coast .  Most people do not realize the amount of tourism that is connected both directly and indirectly to the fishing industry, and closing the entire Hibicus Coast to fishing will result in many thousands of job losses.

Exactly how many people will loose their ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES (read jobs) will need to be calculated during the PPPM's  (Public Participation Process Meetings) that are mandated by the ICMA (Integrated Coastal Management Act) during the various implementation phases as is prescribed in the ICMA and related legislation.We will be placing links to the various legislation and related public participation   process meetings here and if you want to know more then let us know in the comments of this blog.