Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fishing Orange Rocks Uvongo KZN South Africa

Garic by Algy Dooling
Ernest throws back Hammer head

Fishing Orange Rocks in Uvongo along the South Coast of KZN South Africa is always a great experience

 I have not blogged here a while, as I have been busy writing my book on #FUFISM or Functional User Freindly Integrated Social Media, and took a break to clear my mind, as I was getting stuck and thinking in SQUIRCLES.

Pieter Herbst with his Yellow tail.

Yesterday Pieter Herbst caught this 4 Kg Yellow tail  on live shad
Ernest Botha with Hammer Head Shark
and today (30 November 2014) a few shad came out that were also put out as live bait.  the fish that cane out today at about 05H40 were  a Garic caught by Algy Dooling and a Hammer Head shark caught by Ernest Botha.

The Shad Season opens again tomorrow, (one December 2014, and I am looking forward to eating a few smoked shad before they disappear  until June / July next year.  

 Sunrise at orange rocks this morning.

Read more about fishing on the South Coast of KZN South Africa by searching the hash tag #4u2gofishing or visit our fishing community on Google plus at