Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bronze bream set free on freedom day

I have been neglecting this space since the guys who asked me to set up a marketing platform for fishing on the South Coast of KZN changed their minds when they heard that the government was wanting to introduce an MPA (Marine Protected Area) along the lower South Coast, and that all fishing may be banned.

It turned out that the MPA was put on hold, while the issues were being investigated. this came about due to the immense pressure that some local groups put on the department of Environmental Affairs,   who wanted to put this MPA in place.  Finding the latest developments on this MPA is a bit difficult,  as all concerned seem to be very tight lipped at this stage, so I will be asking around over the next few days then make a new post and tell all you guys who read this blog what the latest development is.

In the mean time I went fishing on April 27,  (Freeddom Day) on the rocks just North of Uvongo, but South of Orange rocks, where  I was lucky enough to catch this bronze bream.  I used a combo of crayfish tail and mud prawns,  or as some call them cracker shrimps,  as bait, and used a running trace with both sinker and hook lines at 400 mm (40 Cm or about 14 inches) hook size was a No. 4 old style mustard hook.
This Bronze bream was 310 mm big, but I tossed him back into the water live and healthy after dislodging the hook from the side of his mouth, much to the displeasure of some onlookers who wanted this poor fish for the pot.

Back to the issue of the MPA Proposed for the lower South Coast...   After the meeting held in early January there has been no feed back, besides the minutes of the meeting,  from the conveners of the meeting or the committee elected to deal with the issue,   from a tourism and business perspective.   I will be asking around during the next few days, and hope to let you know more about the issues associated with this Proposed MPA in the near future.

I will also be doing a bit of marketing and post a few pics of the fish caught and the boating that takes place at the SONNY EVENS SMALL CRAFT HARBOR at shell beach. After all this blog was put in place to market the fishing activities along the KZN South Coast, so I might as well get on and do some tourism marketing here.

If you have a story about any issue along the South Coast of KZN that you would like to read about here send me an email at and I will make it happen.  you may also phone me directly on my cell  0725955111.  Remember this blog is all about getting fishermen to come and spend their fishing time along the KZN South Coast, so tell me what you want to read here and I will make it happen.

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