Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fishing at 10 downing street

10 downing street is a local fishing spot also referred to as LOLI  POP lane by some locals in the shelly beach / Uvongo area  along the South Coast of  KZN South Africa.

On 2 May  2015 I was fishing just to the left (North) of Lolipop lane, and the guys slightly more north caught this nice Black tip  King Fish, on crayfish tail, using a 3 O hook and a running trace.

I was jealous as you can imagine, coz we only got a fair sized bronze beam, but were using cracker shrimps and pink prawns.   I should not complain, as  my mate and I were targeting Bronze Bream any way, as we often get them at 10 downing street.

If you have a pic of fish caught along the South Coast oif KZN and want to have it shown here within these pages, along with your story, then send an email to and we will see what can be done..