Sunday, May 24, 2015

Colourful wrasse caught at 10 Downing street, Uvongo, South Coast KZN

Went wishing at my favourite spot , 10 downing street, Uvongo and caught this rather colorful fell, a type of wrasse earlier today (Sunday may 24)

used a no 10 hook and prawn bait.  Trace was a standard christmas tree trace with two hooks and a 2 ounce sinker..  caught this fella on the top hook, and he had me tangled in the rocks for a while, but I just held on and he pulled the sinker loose himself.

Surf was small, and there was no side wash at all. I  had a few other bites, but this was the only one that took the bait nicely.

Now on a more serious note, the issue of the proposed marine protected area  (MPA) for the south coast is still happening, but it has moved further north to the area around the Aliwal shoal, apparently some where between Umkomaas and Scotsborugh, but I will need to confirm this.

The guys from the Department of environmental affairs seem a bit too quite for my liking, and nobody is being helpful, which makes me a bit nervous, as the original issue apparently came about because an Environmentalist group in the Scotsborugh area requested this.  Once again things are not clear, and nobody is talking openly so I will need to do a bit of old fashioned investigation...

When I know more I will let you all know whats going down with the MPA for the KZN South Coast.

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